It is with great pleasure that I recommend Louise Thompson as an exceptional career coach.  I have two boys that she has assisted with their resumes and discussed pertinent information in how to be successful in a job search, interview, and consequently, securing the position.  Louise is very knowledgeable, positive, reliable, and excellent in her ability to address where help and focus is needed.  Thank you, Louise! 

Ellen R, Orlando, FL.  2017

Louise has worked with my son when he was job searching, helped him put together an amazing  resume and gave him confidence. He is now successfully employed. 

Pat O, Winter Garden, FL, 2017

Louise has worked with all three of our children. Our two older college age sons used Louise’s expertise in finding jobs, polishing their resumes and solidifying college and career goals. Our youngest daughter (a high school senior) most recently was mentored through the college application process. Louise  uses her background in teaching and human resources to work with young adults.   I can’t say enough wonderful things about Louise and highly  recommend her services. With all three of our children, Louise was able to strengthen and encourage them while preparing them for their future careers. We will certainly hire her again for life skills, job searches, interview prep, or college application details. She is fabulous! 

Laura S., Orlando, FL. 2017


I had the good fortune of being introduced to Louise Thompson earlier this year through a mutual colleague and friend of ours when I was in need of finding someone to help me with my career search.  As my career coach, Louise provided guidance, a structured approach for assessing opportunities and also helped to build my resume from scratch.

As my career coach, Louise has been truly wonderful.  Some words I would use to describe Louise are: insightful, inquisitive, caring, collaborative, patient, and above all, passionate about the work she does.  Specifically, Louise was helping me better define the direction I might be interested in pursuing as a next step in my career.  During our sessions, Louise would always listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. She always set goals for our next session, which I found to be helpful in marking progress. And Louise provided useful tools, such as an opportunity assessment checklist, which helped to provide structure.

I tell people that I give Louise full credit for getting my resume down on the page, which for me was no easy task as I had been “stuck” in trying to do this for so long.  She had prepared a near finished first draft (which seriously could have been sent out that day to prospective employers!) and then we worked together to finesse it.  Throughout the process she was collaborative but what I really valued was the confidence she had in her guidance. Louise is also very responsive and there for you when you need her.  As an example, this past summer I had called her for some help in doing an alternate version of my resume.  I explained what I was looking to do and within days she had it revised.

I have had a wonderful experience working with Louise and will continue to work with her in the future. I highly recommend Louise to anyone looking for a thoughtful, intelligent, highly engaged and caring career advisor.

Gary E., NY, NY.  2017